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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

It was 7th Birthday of my daughter, that we planned to celebrate with big fun. So, we did it! The focus was on the games, prizes and on a Birthday Cake. My daughter asked me about a special dress that should be look like Alice’s dress from old move. I said “Why not!?” and created dress and BD-decorations in blue-yellow-white color scheme.

The 7th years it’s pretty sweet age, however very active. And I thought that tea party will may be a stylish but very boring spend time for kids.
Anyway we wanted to put together beautiful decoration and party games ideas for kids and parents who will be having in ours Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party. I came up with ideas with based on the Carnival games: ping-pong toss, balloon darts, plinko game, guess jars, photo booth, dancing with stars and racing games on a PlayStation.
Also, we stocked with prizes and tickets. I highly recommended this site with unbeatable prices to buy some pinatas fillers, goody bags, small toys, etc.



I hope that my photos inspire you with your Alice in Wonderland party ideas!

Birthday Presents

Birthday Presents

Author: Olga


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