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Pocket Wide Angle and Macro lenses for iPhone

2-in-1 Smartphone and iPhone Camera LensI’ve been looking for a pocket lens to use with my iPhone, because I can’t every time lugging my DSLR camera and lenses around with me. Especially when you have trip with family main things that you need as photographer – be mobile and don’t worried about expensive photo equipment.
Pocket Lens – 2-in-1 Smartphone and iPhone Camera Lens – 10x Macro (closeup) and 0.67x Wide-Angle
I did not expect this to work as well as it does – a pleasant surprise!
This is a small lens you can place over the camera on your smart phone.
The lens comes with 4 parts- it is easy assembly out of the box. The two lenses screw into each other, the lens pops into the holder and there is also a lens cap for protection.
The lens is easy to pop on and off- just clip it over the phone camera and pull off the lens cover. It works on both front and rear cameras.
There two types of lenses: a wide and a macro lens. The WIDE-ANGLE lens is my favorite! I found this lens to be good for portraits, group people, travel pictures, it to work well for nature shots and interesting objects. There are small distortions on the sides of the Wide lens, but that is completely expected with an add-on lens.
Definitely to take good shots does take a little bit of practice, especially the macro lens. But after a few times, it became rote. If you’re in the market for a good quality wide/macro lens that’s convenient as well as functional, this is a great option!
I included a several of the pictures I have taken.
For post processing I used app – Filterstorm Neue.

Author: Olga

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